Years 7-9

Introduction and Overview

Computing, following a Computer Science Syllabus. The science of computers, how computers work and function.

  • Unit 1 - Hardware & Processing
  • Unit 2 - Communication & Networks
  • Unit 3 - Information Technology Data & Data Representation
  • Unit 4 - Data & Data Representation
  • Unit 5 - Algorithms
  • Unit 6 - Programming & Development
  • Year 7 to 9 will follow the same units each year will build on the knowledge and skills learnt in previous year

How to support your child

We are sure that you already do many of these things to support your child but here is a useful reminder for you to refer to:

  • Encourage wider reading
  • Ask them what they have learnt today
  • Help them to structure revision for tests and assessments
  • Make good use of BBC Bitesize
  • Encourage pupils to think about what they have learnt in the lesson and apply it to their use of technology at home. 

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