The school’s Post 16 Personal Advisor is Mr Lee Overton is available on a Friday to discuss training and careers and to give impartial information, advice, guidance and support to students about their future.


There is an IAG resource area in the school library with information on a range of subjects, along with examples of College and University prospectus and careers guides. Throughout the year, Mr Overton will interview all year 11 students focusing on key decisions students need to make, tasks they need to complete and information on the application process. IAG is taught via PSHE lessons from year 7 upwards, with modules such a ‘Welcoming a visitor’ in year 8, where students can question their guests about their chosen careers paths and qualifications to gain an in depth knowledge of the world of work.

We will invite guest speakers into PSHE lessons to raise awareness of choices and pathways available.

Drop in sessions - Friday lunchtimes Week A and B

Students are welcome to call into room 3, Student Support Centre to see Mr Overton during break time and every Friday at Lunchtime.


Apprenticeship information can be found using the following links:

Useful Websites

Start Profile – the website the school use for Careers investigation and logging of careers activities. Each student has a profile. Parents can also log in as a guest. 

Skillsbuilder – an education company working with the school to help students develop the 8 essential skills for work. Recognised by the Careers and Enterprise Company and major employers.

National Careers Service. A national government Careers Information, Advice and Guidance platform which, like Start helps with careers investigation. Personality profiles and really good links to professional and trade bodies for more information.

Find An Apprenticeship. A national government service helping Yr11 students (and ages above) search for apprenticeship opportunities in the local area and beyond. Applications forms can also be completed through this platforms as well.

An independent private company. A search engine for apprenticeship opportunities nationwide

UCAS. The University and College Admissions Service. This service helps students apply to University. Though our students are a few off from needing this, UCAS will show what A levels and other qualifications are needed to apply for various degree course. There are also useful information about gap years and degree level apprenticeships.

Medical Schools Council. The professional bodies for medical schools across the UK. Details the process to enter medicine specifically becoming a doctor, the requirements at post 16 and additional testing and work experience needed for the profession.