“Achievement for all”

Church Stretton School is a mainstream, inclusive school that is committed to helping all pupils reach their full academic potential and gain the skills and confidence to be as independent and prepared for adulthood as possible. 

We support a wide range of learning needs and disabilities and celebrate neurodiversity. 

Below are examples of provision and support we are able to offer: 

small class groups with adaptive curriculum in key stage three  
• in class support 
• differentiated or modified resources 
• workstation areas  
• lunch time and after school homework club 
• learning support “touch base” B1 room for advice and guidance  
• short term intervention programme to address a range of needs  
• assessment of needs and access arrangements 
• pupil and parent appointments with SENDCo including workshops 
• friendship and social skills support 
• reading or talking time with the school dog 
• signposting to other agencies and support services 

For more information on learning support please see our “frequently asked questions” section and also our “SEND policy and information report” and “Supporting pupils with medical conditions in school” policy.

For specific enquiries please e-mail:

The Learning Support Team 

We have an experienced team of teaching assistants who support pupils with a wide range of learning and medical needs at school and deliver personalised programmes and interventions.  

We believe that quality first teaching for all pupils is the responsibility of all teachers who work closely with the SENDCo and learning support team. 

We aim for parents/carers and pupils to be centrally involved in decision making and work collaboratively to ensure “achievement for all”.

Ms Quye              Ms Berry              Ms Fisher              Ms Halliday

Ms Quye - SENCO                    Ms Berry - HLTA                      Ms Fisher - TA                        Ms Halliday - TA

Ms Richards              Ms Rochester              Ms Thomas              Ms Walker

  Ms Richards - TA                    Mr Rochester - TA                  Ms Thomas - TA                    Ms Walker - TA