Bad Weather (Snow) Procedure

Emergency Closures

In the case of severe weather conditions, or any other emergency, we may need to close the school. In the event of severe weather, the decision can often only be made early in the morning, unless otherwise advised by the authorities. When a decision is made we post the information on our home page. The telephone service will carry an appropriate message and we will also contact local radio stations.

Please be assured that we will endeavour to open and remain open wherever possible but we do have to be mindful of Health & Safety both on site and importantly on the journey to and from school.  We do take clear advice and guidance from our transport companies relating to the safety of travel.

If we are faced with inclement weather before the start of school and we make a decision not to open it will be broadcast on BBC Radio Shropshire and other local radio stations as early as possible on the morning concerned. 

We will also post a message on the News page - Announcements section of our website before 07.00am whenever possible.

Early Closure during the day

If the bus companies determine that they need to make journeys earlier in the day due to bad weather, we will send students home early.  We will attempt to inform parents of these arrangements via BBC Radio Shropshire and other local radio stations; the school website home page and through In Touch, which will leave a message by email and text.

If you do not wish your child to go home early we will ask that you complete a proforma informing us of what arrangements you wish to make for their safety and journey home.  Colleagues who do not travel will stay in school to supervise students until 15.20 but no additional travel arrangements can be made

Decision to re-open following closure

The school will open the next day following closure unless a notice is posted to the contrary on our website; and on BBC Radio Shropshire.  Please check these sources early in the morning if in doubt.

If you have any concerns about these arrangements please do not hesitate to contact us at school.