Distance Learning


Please use the flowchart below to decide on the course of action you need to take if your child is unwell with Covid-19 related illness.  There is an FAQ below too, should you have any queries that are not addressed here then please contact the school directly:




What are the three main symptoms of COVID-19?

Please see the NHS website here.

How do I report to the school that my child will be off school with suspected COVID-19?

Please email the attendance officer: Jackie.rowley@csschool.co.uk

How do I access Oak National Academy?

Follow this link: Oak National Academy

I can’t find anything relevant on Oak National Academy?

Try BBC Bitesize or Seneca Learning (your child has a log in)

Where do I find the Curriculum Overview documents mentioned above?

They are on the school website here.

Why do I need to tell you the return date?

This is to avoid any confusion with returning to school.  We also need to know when to set work for.  The default will be 10 days after a positive LFT, but if symptoms arose earlier it could be 10 days from then.

My daughter has tested positive, should I send my other child to school?

Your other child needs to do a PCR test, if this is negative, they can come to school as normal.

My son was too ill to complete the work set, I’m worried that he will fall behind.

Your son can catch up on the work once he is better.  It will have been recorded on GO4S so he can easily find it again.

My child could not access the internet when they were off, how will they catch up on the work missed?

Your child can catch up on the work once they return.  It will have been recorded on GO4S so she can easily find it again in school and then complete it.

My child is off school with Covid-19 and work has not been set, what should I do?

It may be that the member of staff is also off school, but we will endeavour to set work wherever possible.  Please contact the school to let us know if there is more than one lesson missing on any one day.

My child is off sick with something other than Covid, can distance work be set for them please?

Distance work is only being supplied to children off school with Covid-19. For any other illness the child is expected to catch up on missed work when they return as is the norm.