Year 7 

Foundation exams - 29th April to 3rd May

Core exams - 20th and 21st June 2024

Y7 Effective Revision Techniques Part 1

Y7 Effective Revision Techniques Part 2


Year 8

Foundation exams - 4th to 8th March 2024

Core exams - 10th to 14th June 2024


Year 9

Foundation exams - 22nd to 26th January 2024

Core exams - 22nd to 26th April 2024


Y9 EOY Core Exam Effective Revision Presentation Part 1

Y9 EOY Core Exam Effective Revision Presentation Part 2

Year 10

Mock exams - 24th June to 5th July 2024

Year 11

Autumn mock exams - 6th November to 8th December 2023

Spring mock exams - 8th to 19th April 2024


Revision revolution

As a school we are planning a ‘Revision revolution’ to teach students in all Year groups what revision is, how to revise and which revision techniques do and do not work, so that they can make the most of their revision time outside of school. This is done regularly through their lessons, homework, tutor time and assemblies. So that it is completed in small manageable chunks, much like the best quality revision, to avoid any students being overwhelmed and allow plenty of time for practise and to develop these new skills slowly. We will monitor the progress of students in developing these skills in school and we would appreciate you supporting your child at home using the Parent/Carer guide to effective revision.


More Information

Research says that there is no single ‘best’ way of revising that will guarantee success or suit every student.  There are lots of ways to revise, and lots of advice out there on the internet.  Revising is easy, but getting started is harder.  Start off by thinking out loud why students need to revise.

There are some essential factors to making revision easy:

  1. You need a plan
  2. You need a dedicated revision space
  3. You need Motivation
  4. You need Positive thoughts


How to get started with revision


How to get organised


How to make your revision manageable:

  • Create a planner. Make sure it includes social activities and breaks.
  • Break down your revision into manageable sections. Learn one section at a time.
  • Create a visual record of how those sections are related, using mind-maps or a spider diagram.
  • Mix up the subjects you’re revising so that you don’t get bored. 


Revision Techniques: 

Click this link to watch video clips on:

  • The scientifically proven best way to revise


Dealing with exam stress: