Years 7-9

Year 7 – Britain from the Anglo-Saxons to the Tudors

This unit will introduce basic historical skills such as chronology, using evidence and interpretations. We will then apply these skills in a study of England before 1066 and the Norman Conquest. The third unit will take a broader focus on Life in the Middle Ages followed by a unit of study on the Tudors.

In the Summer Term there is a joint Humanities visit to a place of local historical significance.

Year 8 – Crime and Punishment, The Transatlantic Slave Trade and Russia 1900-1990

Students being Year 8 with a thematic study on how crime and punishment has changed through time from the Roman Era to the Modern Day. This is followed by a study of the transatlantic slave trade, and its origins in the British Empire, with focus on the conditions on the ships, plantation life and abolition in 1807. Students will also have the opportunity to study the Civil Rights Movement in 20th century America and the impact of Apartheid in South Africa.

The final unit is a study of Russia and its influence on the world; following the key events from the rule of Nicholas II, through the Russian Revolution and into the Cold War.

Year 9 –

Students will be completing a depth study on the causes, impact and consequences of the First World War through a study of the causes of the war, trench conditions and life on the home front; they will then be able to link the Treaty of Versailles to the rise in power of Hitler and the Nazis in 1933. Students in Y9 will also have the opportunity to visit the Battlefields in Belgium as part of their studies on WW1.

The Second Unit of study focuses on the Holocaust: the reasons for anti-Semitism in Germany, the increased persecution of Jews and minorities and a detailed examination of the development of ghettos and the extermination camp system. This will be followed by a case study of the genocide in Rwanda and its similarities with the Holocaust.

In the Summer Term of Year 9 we will focus on Ancient History - from Prehistory to the Dark Ages with a focus on how far medical understanding developing over time. 

How to support your child

  • Use the reading lists provided to gain a good contextual knowledge
  • Use the knowledge organisers regularly to ensure taught work is recapped on a regular basis
  • Help your child to revise for tests and assessments
  • Support the completion of homework

Curriculum Overview

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Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

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Additional Reading

The library has many fiction and non-fiction books related to the topics studied above. The Horrible Histories are a very accessible place to start building up a good background knowledge of History.

Years 10-11

Introduction and Overview


Paper 1: Thematic study and historic environment (Paper codes: 1HI0/10–12) Written examination: 1 hour and 15 minutes 30%* of the qualification

Option 11: Medicine in Britain, c1250–present and The British sector of the Western Front, 1914–18: injuries, treatment and the trenches.

Paper 2: Period study and British depth study (Paper codes: 1HI0/20–29) Written examination: 1 hour and 45 minutes 40%* of the qualification

B3: Henry VIII and his ministers, 1509–40

24/25: The American West, c1835–c1895

Paper 3: Modern depth study (Paper codes: 1HI0/30–33) Written examination: 1 hour and 20 minutes 30%* of the qualification

Option 31: Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918–39 

How to support your child

We are sure that you already do many of these things to support your child but here is a useful reminder for you to refer to:

  • Encourage wider reading
  • Ask them what they have learnt today
  • Help them to structure revision for tests and assessments
  • Make good use of BBC Bitesize
  • Using revision guides to complete practice papers
  • Ensure homework is complete to the deadline

Curriculum Overview 

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Additional Reading

Revision guides will provided to purchase for each of the units detailed above. It is recommended that students read through these regularly as part of their wider reading.