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Key Information GCSE 2022

We have recently received information from the exam boards about topics covered in the summer GCSE examinations 2022.  This advance information is intended to communicate in advance some of the aspects of the specification that will be assessed in the examination papers.  The breadth, depth and presentation of the advance information varies between subjects to reflect their different characteristics. Not all subjects are covered, so you will not find information for English Literature, History, Geography or Art as they have already publicised changes to the exams this year. The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), who represent all the exam boards, have released a student FAQ about the advance information here.

It is important to note that the advance information does not always detail everything that is in the examination. In some cases, this would risk good education, progression, or fair results; in others it would be unhelpful to teachers and students, for example by listing topics that could lead to excessive teaching or revision on areas that are worth few marks (low tariff questions).  In essence what this means is that there may well be low tariff questions on the exam paper, for some subjects, from topics not listed on the information from the exam board.  We would therefore advise against ignoring any topics not listed on the information without seeking further guidance from the class teacher or Head of Department. 

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